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May we introduce? The intelligent photo search by EXCIRE SEARCH presented by DOCMA and digitalkamera.de

Not only our users are convinced of Excire Search, also the professional magazines for image processing with Lightroom and Photoshop are enthusiastic all along the line. That's why you can find two interesting articles in the current issue of DOCMA and on digitalkamera.de, which present the work with Excire Search in practice.


DOCMA: A first impression of Excire Search - find images in Lightroom without keywording

In this blog, Olaf Giermann describes the necessary tediousness of a structured keyword index in order to be able to assign tags in Lightroom in a reasonably efficient way. This is precisely why he is attracted to the functionality of Excire Search, which completely takes over the assignment of keywords thanks to automatic content recognition.

From installation, to initializing the Lightroom library, to the various ways to use it, this article covers it all with examples and screenshots.


Conclusion from the DOCMA editor: "The result simply knocked my socks off."

He recommends that anyone interested simply download the trial version and see for themselves.

Read here the whole article.



DIGITALKAMERA.DE: Presentation of all new functions of the Lightroom plugin EXCIRE SEARCH

Back in June, Jan-Markus Rupprecht took the opportunity to present the new features of Excire Search in detail:

  • The new similarity search also with external sample images
  • The new product variants Excire Search and Excire Search Pro
  • The long-awaited function "Transfer keywords", which is now included in the Pro version.
  • The vivid video tutorials that explain all the function of the photo search in an understandable way.v
  • The American subsidiary Excire Inc.
  • The future standalone version of Excire Search, which works without Adobe Lightroom and will be presented at PHOTOKINA soon. For all photographers who want to manage and search a lot of digital photos.


Here you can find the full article:


We thank the editors and our partners for the detailed feedback!